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Standing O for Adam Jones at Fenway Park

After several fans got kicked out of Fenway just the night before for slinging racial slurs at Adam Jones, Red Sox fans give Jones and standing ovation for his first at bat Tuesday night. The Red Sox

NFL Draft: Concerns for Every Team

The NFL draft will give the illusion of new life in your NFL team. It’s an exciting time getting new talent, but there’s still work to be done, and there’s big concerns for every team.  Biggest post-draft

2017 NFL Draft Got Crazy

The NFL draft, Thursday, April 27th, left every mock first round draft in disarray and fans shock.Then again, some things happened just as expected, like Roger Goodell being mercilessly booed between every pick.  The NFL draft’s craziness

ESPN Lay Offs Hit TV Analysts too

With almost 100 employees and counting, ESPN has laid off a lot of top tier talent and the list continues to grow. The surprising lay offs have raised eyebrows from fans across the country. A Running List

Tim Tebow Lighting up the Batters Box

Tebow started off the season with a few homers and quite a few strike outs, but he seems to be leveling off a little bit. This past Wednesday, Tebow went 3-for-4 with his first career triple and