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Superteams: An NBA History

Last Thursday, Draymond Green accused LeBron of starting the superteam trend, but he seemed to forget the long history of them in the NBA. Since the inception of the NBA, superteams have always been around. The history

Golden State Has No Decision on White House Visit

Despite early reports of the Warriors entire team declining the traditional White House visit, the reigning champions addressed speculation saying they “will make those decisions when and if necessary.” Right now the team and the organization are

Kent Football Player Dies After Workout

A Kent State football player died after a series of conditioning drills during practice at Dix Stadium. Cause of death for Tyler Heintz is unknown.  Kent State football player Tyler Heintz dies after workout Via Tyler

Will Golden State Win Again in 2018?

With the Warriors dominating performance in the NBA Finals against the Cavs, is it possible they could win again in 2018? ESPN Forecast predictions think so. Will Warriors go back-to-back? ESPN Forecast predictions for the 2018 champs

Warriors Win in 5

The Warriors have won their second title in three years after a huge win last night over the Cavs in Game 5. There are whispers that this could be the start of a dynasty, as the Warriors

Penguins Win Stanley Cup

The Pittsburgh Penguins pulled out a 2-0 win over the Nashville Predators in Game Six of the 2017 Stanley Cup Final. The Penguins have now won consecutive Stanley Cup titles.  Disappointment, pride for Predators as Penguins win